It was a Mimosa Sunday... Is Steve judging Janet?

I point fingers at you, you point fingers at me... it's the normal relationship equation. 

Can Steve only take Janet in doses... or is she super sensative?

Cleaning out the cabinets... we have some expired food.  What is wrong with us?

What does Steve do before each trip that drives Janet insane?

Janet likes to play an annoying game to make her feel young... what is it?

Some major critisim has been thrown toward Pumpkin Spice Lattes... we chat about it this week. And we have the complete story. 

If you are friends with Steve on Facebook, you know he needs to stir things up.  Will Janet unfriend him. 

What are the best things about being in a relationship?  We weigh in. 

We relive when we became Facebook official... do you remember when you became Facebook Official?

We still love our Brownie Brittle... list to hear more about and how you can get your own.

Steve is the reason Janet likes Jax Teller with his shirt off. 

We talk through our issues.. but really this time. 

What issues are you dealing with in your relationship?  Let us know and we will talk about it.


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