03-21-2015 –

Listen as we recap the recent Garth concert we attended.  

What is on Steve’s crazy mind? 

College students are so PC – according to Jay Leno.  

Has cell phone use caused you to have “Text Claw”?  We address and provide some times for dealing with this disorder. 

Some healthy bed time snacks – we share this – are you hungry yet?

Listen to Janet’s Corner as she shares some things she found that will help couples stay happy.  

We have an all thing we are going to try – YOU SPEAK!  This week we talk all about this.  

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We are back!!  After a month long break we return!  

Is the new Apple watch a must have? 
Why Steve doesn't want to go bike riding again
Janet has a problem with people out after dark
and they opened a new Culver's by the house and we go try them out. 
What's our review of their Butter Burger?
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