Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Happy Holidays!  We talk turkey, Janet made her first Thanksgiving dinner.  Was it a pass or fail?  What did she use to cook the bird in?   We also have a chat about putting up Christmas decorations and why Steve has "squirrel" moments. Janet hates those!  Also Steve treats Janet to her first taste of IKEA Swedish meatballs..  Steve LOVES them  What's Janet's verdict on the meaty balls?


After a couple of weeks off we are back!  Janet talks about boob protection. When it get dark do the night police come out?  Why isn't the world done with the Kardashians?  Steve tells us about dinner with actor Christian Kane and the Haunted House they went through. #Kaniacs

and we give you a chance to win a bag of  Brownie Brittle!! 

Thanks for listening!  We appreciate it



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