Sitting down on a Saturday to catch up since it’s been over a week. 

How are Janet’s teeth so dang white.  Is he related to the Osmond family?  DING!

Another night of fun for Steve and Janet… Stanet.   We went to the Grawlix show last night.  A night full of Denver and beyond comedy and so much fun was had and we recommend it.   Janet has fallen in love with a new comic… is Steve nervous.

Big Brother is coming soon.  Who will be the cast and will it be a good season.  We always get a bit nervous right before each season.

Janet goes from 60 to 0 very quickly.  Steve relates it to a child.  Last night was quite the example.  After a 20 hour day – cranky Janet made an appearance after a full work day and a night out.  2:00 a.m. isn’t pretty and Taco Bell became breakfast. 

Steve shares some lines to put in your pocket to try to assist in ending any couple disagreement.  We don’t fight, we avoid.  And we aren’t afraid to admit it.  Four years and we haven’t killed each other yet.  

We talk food, a new creek side eatery, finding a rabbit hole, how people have to be in control (freaks).   We show big love to Manitou Springs Co. COOL PLACE!   Listen in for THREE movie reviews. Neighbors, Fading Gigolo and Belle - Something for everybody!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />






Do men take break ups harder than women? 

Women and "girls night out"

Do you ever mention places you've been to people who haven't and WEREN'T the person you thought was with you at the time?

What are you giving your mom for mothers day?

 Janet reviews the movie THE OTHER WOMAN.





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