Janet tells Steve about a friend's bird that humps it's cage, WHAT?  We discuss funny flight attendants, Jokes on a Plane!  There's chat about sitcoms. Janet loves the new James Van Der Beek show Friends with Better Lives.

We also discuss the Nacho Competition that Steve judged.   Who won? 250px-Wellensittich_maennchen_wildfarbenjames_van_der_beek_cry.jpg

Opposite Days

Janet's driving this ship and Steve struggles to ride as a passenger. 

Steve and Janet just returned from Vegas.  Janet wants to know why Steve doesn't do more when he is in Vegas.... especially when she is there. 

Janet refuses to talk much about the reason she went to Vegas.... the ACM awards.  She doesn't want to hear Steve complain about today's country music.  Janet' does admit that she is over one country music group.  Do you agree?

What do you do when you are on vacation or in Vegas?

Hangovers are plentiful in Vegas, listen to hear who Janet saw that might have been recovering from a night of fun. 

You are texting and then one of the parties in the text conversation decides to call.... Janet thinks this is a huge violation.  Do you?

Tipping.... can be tricky.  Who do you tip and who do you just say thank you to?



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