Steve and Janet review the new Jason Bateman movie BAD WORDS.   Did you know you can tell how on someone is by their trendy tattoo?  What's you arm tribal say about your age?  and Laws to keep women down, barefoot and in the kitchen!

We talk about Taco Bell's new breakfast menu.  Got the new iPhone update? Here's tips to save battery life.  And what Janet didn't do with Play Doh.

Pets can really hit our wallets hard, how much do you spend?  This week, we share how much people spend annually on their pets.  Butterfly, the poodle, needs dental work......  yep doggie dental work! 

Roommates, why?  Steve says never and Janet tells why she thinks it's a bad idea.  Have you had a successful roommate relationship?  What was your secret?

Janet worked as a waitress through college and after... but you will be suprised at what she doesn't know about cocktails.  

We have a growing family... Janet adopted, again. Who is the newest member of our family and where does he/she sleep?

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