We are all over the board this week, but we keep it entertaining.  Listen to an all new Wrinkled Sheets!!!

Steve educates Janet on one of the worst sex scene ever.  Would you agree with him?

Janet remembers everything about some actors, but she admits her give a darn is busted... mostly.

Is anyone else say to see How I Met Your Mother end?  Steve finds the last season a bit disappointing.

Are you someone that likes to come home from work and chill?  Janet loves to do that, but Steve can't miss a single movie. 

We ask if hemp seeds effect a drug screen... what about help milk? 

Have you heard of Hummingbird from Google?  Janet educates us on it.

We talk about what will out number us as people by 2025... according to those people that make projections like this. 

Is the $1200 laptop better than a $300 laptop. 

We both have recently been asked to stop using "Ma'am".... why are manners left us?

We recording this show before Steve left for the Caribbean, so out Bachelor update is a bit outdated.

Trader Joe's opens in Denver and we go there OPENING WEEKEND!  Janet talks about her first TJ experience.  How does Trader Joe's stack up against Whole Foods?

 Ever had a singer sing right to YOU??  Janet did,  She tells Steve about Josh Gracin singing her name right to her.  She goes NUTS!     see pic below! 

 Steve talks about working a cruise ship next week with the Oak Ridge Boys, Janet is beyond Jealous!


Janet's the Blonde :-)


Steve and Janet discuss, Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death and career, the fact that Janet sleeps with a stuffed animal, How was Valentine's Day for you in school.

Missouri wants to make the HIGH FIVE the state greeting.

We review the movie HER.

and of course, Bad Morning Show Trivia!


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