Peace Out, 2013

Before Steve left to work a Caribbean cruise, he and Janet sat down to catch up about the year.  Can you tell that Janet is a bit jealous of Steve?  Has Steve stopped communicating like Janet thinks he should?  Be a fly on the wall as this crazy couple shares some of their couple time with you. 

Happy New Year!!!

This is the Wrinkled Sheets Christmas show!   We talk about Santa, White, Black, Real?  Where is Santa from? Janet asks Steve about his twitter campaign to get on Sons of Anarchy..What about that season finale of SOA??? Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty under attack, and there's bad morning show trivia  Listen!

Goodbye silly intro... Steve starts recording without Janet knowing. 
BAD MORNING SHOW TRIVIA - On Christmas tree farms, how many Christmas trees are planted per acre?
Janet admits that being a girl can cause bad decisions sometimes.
ROOTS - Steve and Janet both have them.  The price of being blonde.
Steve didn't know how difficult it is to get a hair appointment around the holidays.
Steve just returned from Las Vegas.  He was working with Brad Garrett at the MGM Grand.  It was cowboy week in town. 
Did you watch Fox's country music award show?  Where did this thing come from?
Shopping can drive a man insane or it can push a man to end his life?  Seriously!! 
Has anything drove you that crazy?
What is a skin flint?  Janet learns something new.
How do you get banned from Wal-Mart.  What does one have to do to get banned from all Wal-Marts, worldwide?
Duck Dynasty if everywhere!!!  Are we be taken over?
Did you know that Hawaii can ruin your life?
Steve is obsessed with Hawaii and since his first visit, his life has never been the same.
Do you take for granted the beauty that is around you?  STOP THAT!!
Who doesn't love virgin....... DRINKS?
Have you heard Steve's ""go to character" voice?  Here is here!!
Rumors have flown about George Clooney and if he is gay.  Did he come out to address the issue?
Janet thinks that Steve takes his world travels for granted and she give him a reality check.
What are HASHTAGS?
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