Congrats to Janet’s partner on Two Girls And A Bottle of Wine.  Her and her boyfriend just got engaged after being together for ten years!! You can check out their podcast at

Bad Morning Show Quiz – Some 6000 Americans check into a hospital each year with injuries from this.  What do you think the answer is…

The America Music Awards were last Sunday… Listen to our recap.  It isn’t a real award show, did you know that?  Justin Timberlake won for two very different categories.  Rihanna got a huge award at only 25 years old.  Florida Georgia Line won Single of the Year.  Taylor Swift won BIG.  What did Miley do?  Steve was so excited to hear the details.  Janet describes the mess that is Miley at the AMA’s.  Steve looks for the deeper meaning in her performance… what it her intention to push pussy.

Ronnie Dunn has been causing some controversy with his comments about new country music.   

A cat lover made a helicopter out of WHAT?  What would you do to keep your pet around forever?

Life of Pi had a tiger in it and apparently the tiger was very ill and almost died.  This isn’t the first time that animals were injured on set.

Janet and Steve review The Counselor with Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz. 

Steve reviews the new movie NEBRASKA with Bruce Dern.

A certain type of movie is going to banned in the UK…. What kind is it?  Listen to find out.

Steve admits that he has a FOOD PORN problem. 

Steve reminds us that spankings are not illegal. What is wrong with parents today?  Kids are running crazy because they aren’t raised properly.  Did you know that children’s’ frontal lobes are not developed until later in life.

What is the game KNOCK OUT?  Teenagers are seriously hurting people for the fun of it. 

PARENTS!!  Do you know what Snapchat is?  If you don’t you should.  We explain it. 

Who attends PTA meetings?  Are they still a way for parents to stay aware of what is going on in the lives of their children?

Steve wants you to LIKE his new FB page -

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Thanks!  Steve and Janet

Janet recently called Steve out on his inability to adapt to change. 

Don't you dare try and tell Steve that today's "country music" is real country...  

When did fire hydrants start changing from red to yellow and all those other colors of the rainbow.   

Don't get Steve started on the bullying topic that is such a hot topic these days. 

Bullying vs Teasing... We see that there is a huge difference, but when did the lines blur?

Plastic surgery has increased among youth.  They are attributing the increase to parents not wanting their children to be bullied.

What do men see when they look at women?  Should 14 - 16 year old girls be given the opportunity to increase their assets at such a young age?

Janet prefers to "Keep it real"!

Is Steve a fan of "Keeping it real"?

Groupon got Janet this weekend... did she over spend because of the trickery from the popular "savings" website?

If you could get one food delivered with just the push of a button what kind of food would you choose?

That technology is close for one type of food... Who wants to be a Beta Taster?

We rank our favorite types of pizza and of course our ranking don't match up.

We both love Big Band Theory and it was released recently that two of the stars dated for a couple of years.  Is it a cover up to disguise one star's sexual orientation?

A new intro... What do you think?

Steve wants to add some pizazz to the show... what do you think of his addition? 

Check out our QUESTION OF THE DAY - Did you answer it correctly?  Janet was way off... go figure.

Fragile hearing?.?. Janet is such a girl!!

Squirrel... We get distracted so easily.

We had a dog puke party the night before this show.  We love our furry friends, but they can be gross. 

Puke between the toes... ick!!!  At least it wasn't poop... right?

Wouldn't it be fun to have 24/7 rolling so you can catch those rare happenings that are hard to explain. 

Does our dog have an eating disorder?

We do a review of cat litter... I swear it is useful information. 

Steve realizes that he is living a life he has made fun of... who's fault is that?

We recently watched "Dallas Buyers Club" and we talk about it... get our review here. 

What is preventing Janet from enjoying Sons of Anarchy?

There are talks about redoing "Murder She Wrote"... Why can't Hollywood come up with something original??

Steve is the best boyfriend... it's all about the simple things... and HAM!!!

Cinnamon and Apple Water... Mint and Lemon Water.... WTH?

Thank you for listening!!


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