Another day in the life of two people that don't want to kill each other. Steve makes a fast food blunder, Janet gets a new hair style, Steve gushes over the crisp, colder weather, Janet gushes over the TV show The New Girl...  They both think this podcast is good.  You be the judge.

Steve is back from Rome and now Janet is super happy!!! 

What was Steve's favorite part about his cruise ship experience around Europe?  Listen in to find out. 

Donkeys poop, thousands of stairs and Purell... Just another day in the life on a cruise ship. 

Janet changed so much during Steve's two weeks away.  She has a different point of view when it comes to Miley.  What changed her opinion?  Can Steve handle this?  Is Billy Ray getting dumber with age or is the tattoo ink effecting him?

Steve has introduced Janet to some new podcasts and one has to deal with relationships.  Janet recently listened to one that has now changed the way she wants her and Steve to communicate.  Oooh... NO... poor Steve!!


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