Can you get fired for what you post on Facebook and Twitter?  When you get drunk are you a WOO girl?  Janet fights back a cough the entire show and Steve wonders why 5 Hour energy drink is called 5 hour instead of 8 Hour?    There's more too!  Check out today's Wrinkled Sheets!   And SUBSCRIBE!  here and thru iTunes..   Share us with your friends if you like it...   and please support our favorite products, POPCHIPS and PERKY JERKY!

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YAY!! a new Wrinkled Sheets!  We talk about Marilyn Manson and his rib, a couple of movie reviews (The Call, and Stoker) and of course we are interupted by some animal conflict...   If you like the podcast then please subscribe on itunes, stitcher, here or all of them..  also feel free to leave us feedback and reviews...  reviews are needed on iTunes...   oh and you can donate to the cause... any amount you want. Just use the DONATION button on the podbean page :-)

Steve and Janet discuss how bad it must be to work at Whole Foods or a vitamin place, is it possible to spot reduce with exercise,  Taco Bells new Cool Ranch Tacos, and more...  hope you like it, please subscribe thru iTunes and help move us up in the ratings..    If you want, please feel free to donate a little cash to the cause...  use the DONATE button on the Podbean page...  we sure would appreciate it.


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