Jan 30 2013 a NEW Wrinkled Sheets.  We talk about things that make you sick,  Why Janet has trouble swallowing pills and Blake Shelton's slam of classic country and the old farts and jackasses that like it..   please leave feedback on the show!  and SUBSCRIBE..   thru Stitcher or iTunes

WHAT THE???  A new Wrinkled Sheets?!!  YEP!!   We talk about how girls multi-task or claim they do,  a temple where the penis is worshiped, and which fast food chain has the best breakfast sandwich...  who won??  listen and find out ..  share with your friend ...   subscribe to us om iTunes or Stitcher

Happy New Year!  Not new YEARS!  Did that bug ya?  Steve and Janet talk about the holidays, New Year's Eve,  crazy podcat, and even crazier toy poodle Butterfly.  And of course some chat about that tramp Kim Kardashian and her tainted pooty.   Enjoy!


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